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A new year, a new site

It has been a very long time since I have last posted and for that I apologize. As what happens with many side projects, life gets in the way. But as life would have it, I had to learn a new technology for my day job and what better way to reinforce the learning but to apply it to something practical (this site). As a result, the site is not much easier for me to maintain and, as a result, updates to any area of the site will only take a few minutes now. Can I commit to adding news and other information as I find it? I believe I can now confidently say yes as I have been an active co-admin on the Jae Lee Fan page on facebook (Jae does not have a FB account although he DOES have an instagram account and an official web site).

So what is new?

1. Responsive - The site is now a lot more responsive than it was before as the last design did not work well with mobile devices.

2. More content - On the previous site, the images consisted of a few samples extracted from some select covers. We now have a cover gallery of all of Jae's work (that we know of) consisting of 650+ covers, single pages, or pinups. These are meant to be a resource to allow you to identify the broad scope of Jae's work. Please continue to support Jae and the comic companies he works for by purchasing his new works as they come out.

3. Updated links - Jae's official web site and instagram is now listed on the links page. Other relevant links will be added as they are identified.

Have a question? Pop over to the Facebook page and send us a message.

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